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New Releases for May 3, 2022

Looking for something new? Here are some of the upcoming new releases due May 3, 2022. Stop in or give the library a call to place a copy on hold. If the library does not have one of these titles available, a Request for Purchase may be filled out.

Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance by John Waters - is a novel by the famously filthy filmmaker.

Fly Girl: A Memoir by Ann Hood - is the novelist's recounting of her early career as a TWA flight attendant.

The Barrens by Kurt Johnson and Ellie Johnson - is a father-daughter collaboration about a perilous journey through the Canadian Arctic.

Devil Himself: A Novel by Peter Farris - is Southern Noir about a human trafficking ring.

This Train: A Novel by James Grady - is a thriller about a suspicious cast aboard a train across America.

Muse: Uncovering the Hidden Figures Behind Art History's Masterpieces by Ruth Millington - explores 30 real people depicted in famous works of art.

The Hawk's Way: Encounters with Fierce Beauty by Sy Montgomery - chronicles a naturalist's bond with a trained Harris's hawk.

My Seven Black Fathers: A Young Activist's Memoir of Race, Family, and the Mentors Who Made Him Whole by Will Jawando - is the memoir of a civil rights activist.

The Road to J.O.Y.: Leading with Faith, Playing with Purpose, Leaving a Legacy by Scott Drew and Don Yaeger - is about Drew, the men's basketball coach of Baylor University.

The Marvellers by Dhonielle Clayton, illus. by Khadijah Khatib - features an 11-year-old who will be the first Conjurer to attend Arcanum Training Institute, a magical school hidden in the clouds.

Apple Crush by Lucy Knisley - is the middle-grade sequel to Stepping Stones in which Jen, now used to farm life, has to adjust to a new school.

List provided by Shelf Awareness


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