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National Broadband Map Review

The FCC’s new National Broadband Map shows internet availability data nationwide, and for the first time, accepts input from consumers like you! Go to, search for your home or small business. If the reported service or speed is not available for purchase, submit a challenge to correct the map. Help Improve the map! More information at

This map will be used to determine the BEAD funding allocations for states to improve broadband access. Wisconsin will receive a proportion of the available federal funding based on the map’s number of locations that are considered unserved (less than 25/3) and underserved locations (less than 100/20).

Individuals can help ensure that Wisconsin’s broadband map is accurate by searching for an address location and reviewing the map for location accuracy and broadband availability. If the information is not correct, the public can submit a location challenge or service availability challenge. More information on the challenge process can be found on the How to Use the FCC's National Broadband Maphelp page. Challenges have to be made by January 13, 2023

Information below provided by the FCC's website:

Help Improve the Map

If you think the map is incorrect or incomplete, you can submit a challenge to the FCC to correct it.

Challenging Internet Availability at Your Home or Another Location

If the information about the internet services available at your home, small business, or other location is incorrect, you can dispute it by clicking on the Availability Challenge link on the right side of the map and submitting the form.

Availability Challenges can correct the information on the map about the services reported by ISPs as being available.

Challenges can be based on several reasons, including that the provider denied a request for service, demanded excessive connection fees, or failed to schedule an installation within 10 business days of a request.

Once a challenge is filed, providers are required to review the challenge and either concede or dispute it.  The provider is expected to communicate and work directly with you to resolve any challenges that it does not initially concede.  If a provider either concedes a challenge or fails to rebut it, the challenged services will no longer show as available for that location on the FCC’s maps. If a provider disputes a challenge, then the FCC will decide the challenge. If decided in your favor, then the service provider must update its information so that the location is not shown as served by the provider on the FCC’s maps.

Challenging Locations

If your location is missing or inaccurately reflected on the map, you may submit a Location Challenge to correct or add the location. The link to correct information on an existing location is to the right of the address on the map. You can add a location by clicking on the place on the map where the location should be and then clicking the “Challenge Location” button.

Location Challenges can:

  • Add a missing location.

  • Correct the address or other details of your location.

  • Correct the geographic placement of your location.

Once a Location Challenge is submitted, it will be reviewed by the FCC and either accepted or denied. Accepted challenges will be reflected in future versions of the location points shown on the map.


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