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Mission Statement, Values, and Goals

Mission Statement


The mission of Chilton Public Library is to provide access to an expanding world of information to help meet the informational, recreational, cultural and educational needs of our users.


Core Values


Chilton Public Library is committed to:

• Providing excellent customer service

• Supporting literacy and learning

• Developing a community of lifelong learners

• Ensuring access of information for all

• Being part of a sustainable community

• Seeking community partnerships

• Developing collections and programs that is responsive to the community's needs

• Creating warm, welcoming environments

• Ensuring that its literary, cultural, historical and technological resources are equally accessible to all

• Being a responsible steward of its financial and physical assets

Goals and Objectives

... to strive consistently to discover new methods to improve service


The general library goals of the Chilton Public Library shall be:

1.    To serve the residents of the community and the surrounding region.

a.    To acquire and make available to all residents and visitors such books, periodicals, audio­visual materials, technology resources, historical documents, and other services as will address their needs to. a) become well informed, b) locate answers to important questions, c) cultivate the imagination and creative expression, and stimulate self-understanding and growth, d) develop skills for career and vocational advancement, and e) enjoy leisure by means of reading and other media services.

b.    To acquire the means to provide the most frequently requested materials locally and upon demand.

2.    To reflect a variety of opinions on a subject.

3.    To maintain a program of service which locates information, guides reading, organizes and interprets material for people of various backgrounds, and stimulates thinking and intellectual development in individuals of any age.

4.     To evaluate anticipate, and address the ever-changing needs and expectations of the community, and to strive consistently to discover new methods and improvements for better service for the library's customers.

5.    To increase awareness among our children, young people, and adult citizens of the library services available to them.

6.    To cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and institutions that provide programs or services for people in our community.

7.    To use as guidelines the provisions of Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 43 (revised May 2006), in determining operation policy.

8.    To utilize the Wisconsin Public Library Standards (2005) as goals and objectives in long ­range planning.

9.    To review regularly these goals of the Chilton Public Library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.

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