COVID-19 Monitoring and Measures

August 31, 2020

Dear Patrons


It has been a struggling year for the community and a society as a whole. The uncertainty of watching the scientific method take place before our eyes, as we learn about a virus in real-time as the scientific community does, has been educational, a bit unnerving, and eye opening. Having to experience events, that we feel only happens to other nations, can be stressful and challenging to everyone.


The Chilton Public Library wanted to be able to give some sort of normality in a currently un-normal world. While we strived to keep the building open, at this time we cannot.  For the health and safety of our patrons and staff, effective August 31, 2020, the library will be open for curbside services only. Many of our patrons are considered to be in a high-risk category. While our goal is to keep the library open, safety and health are more important. It is clear that at this time we are unable to ensure that. It pains us to not have the doors open to the community.

Patrons can either call the library (920-849-4414) or knock on the main door. A library staff member will come to the door to assist patrons. The library is taking its offerings outside. We have tables and chairs out for those who want to read the newspapers or use one of our laptops. If you would like to browse our new releases or a selection of different books, we will bring the cart out. Library staff can assist with any copies or prints that you need. 

While the library doors are locked, we are open and will continue to serve the community. We take the health and safety of our patrons and staff seriously. The library thanks you for the community support and understanding.

Thank you

​Glenny Whitcomb

Library Director

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