COVID-19 Monitoring and Measures

March 10, 2021

While the Chilton Public Library is always looking for improved ways to offer and expand our services, the staff never envisioned that we would be forced to suddenly figure out how to navigate an environment where scientists were learning right along with us. We went from a hustle and bustling building that felt full of life, learning, and conversation to no one, including staff, being allowed in the building over the course of seven days. We suddenly had to learn how to be film makers, over-the-phone technical support, web-meeting host, and digital navigators, all while trying to support and service the community and keep our patrons and staff safe and healthy.

It has been a long year, but through it all we have seen our community come together to protect each other, to support those small, local businesses, and we have had the opportunity to see the best in people and reconnect to our patrons

The Chilton Public Library is excited to kick off National Library Week by reopening the building starting Monday, April 5. While we would love to return to business as “normal,” we still have our patrons and staff’s health and safety in mind. The library will continue to follow CDC and state and local health department’s recommendations and guidelines while open. Based on the COVID-19 disease activity burden levels, there will be limitation to how many people can be in the building at one time, time limits to browsing and computer/study table uses, group gatherings, and the requirement of face coverings by all staff and patrons. Curbside services will continue to be offered for those who are in need of ADA accommodations and any patron that wishes to use it.

The library thanks the community for their understanding and support over the last twelve months. We look forward to welcoming you back into the building.  If you have any questions, please contact the library at 920-849-4414 or visit the library website:

Past Statements
Chilton Public Library Temporary Policies: COVID-19
Local Resources
Current Level of Service

Library Service Area Transmission Rate: 569.6

(Census Tracts: 205, 204, 202, 206)

  • Full services both in-building and curbside

  • Recommendation to patrons to follow CDC mask wearing guidelines. Staff will follow CDC mask wearing guidelines. *

  • Library will be set up in a social distance layout.

  • Limit of one-hour computer access

  • No in-building programming for youth under the age of 12.


The library will continue to offer the ADA reasonable accommodation of curbside and expanded homebound service to all.

*Per CDC guidelines:

updated: 11/24/2021

This policy was enacted with the support of the Chilton Public Library Board of Trustees, which has "exclusive charge, control and custody of the library building," per state statute (43.58).