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Updates to Libby - Using Tags

Readers can use Tags in Libby to organize books however they’d like, from making lists of books to share with friends or tracking books they want to read to subscribing to favorite magazines.

With Libby’s latest update, readers will notice the following improvements:

  • Tags now have a dedicated screen on the Shelf, making it easier to see and manage tags. Users can filter their Tags Shelf to show regular tags (like book club picks) or smart tags (i.e., tags with extra logic, like the ability to sync wish lists from the OverDrive app to Libby). From this screen, users will see more details about their tags, including the tag description, how many titles are in the tag, and more.

  • Users can create a new tag from their Tags Shelf under ACTIONS. Previously, users could only create a new tag from search results, a list, or a title details screen.

  • Tutorials about tags have been updated for clarity and consistency throughout the app. New users will see the main “What are tags” tutorial automatically when they first navigate to the Tags screen. This tutorial can also be accessed at any time from the Tags Shelf under ACTIONS.

  • “Recent Tags” are shown on the Shelf summary to remind users about the feature. From the “Recent Tags” block, users can see their two most recent tags and create a new tag.

  • Users making the switch from the OverDrive app can find dedicated FAQs under Menu > Get Some Help. There, they can get help setting up their OverDrive Wish List tag and learn about other app features. They can also access this page directly from Libby help.


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