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New Releases for September 3

Looking for something new? Here are some of the upcoming new releases due September 3. Stop in or give the library a call to place a copy on hold. If the library does not have one of these titles available, a Request for Purchase may be filled out.

Selected new titles appearing next Tuesday, September 3:

Quichotte: A Novel by Salman Rushdie - follows a mediocre thriller author who writes a modern retelling of Don Quixote.

The Secrets We Kept: A Novel by Lara Prescott - fictionalizes the attempt to smuggle Doctor Zhivago out of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum by Dr. Seuss, illustrated by Andrew Joyner - is a new Dr. Seuss book based on sketches and a manuscript discovered in 2013.

Dark Illusion by Christine Feehan - is the 33rd entry in the Carpathian fantasy series.

American Royals by Katharine McGee - invites readers to contemplate what a contemporary American monarchy would look like.

Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen by Rita McGrath - gives advice on recognizing economic paradigm shifts.

How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems by Randall Munroe - is a humorous guide to doing simple tasks in complicated ways.

The Economists' Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society by Binyamin Appelbaum - chronicles the impacts of American economists on political policy.

Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee, illustrated by Stephanie Hans - is the first in a series of three YA novels about the teen years of Marvel antiheroes.

Blue: The Color of Noise by Steve Aoki and Daniel Paisner - is the memoir of a DJ/ music producer.

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