Current Board Members

The Chilton Public Library Board advocates for the library in the community, plans for the future of the library, monitors and evaluates the overall effectiveness of the library, and sets library policies.

Chilton Public Library is currently governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, appointed for three year terms. Seven are appointed by the Mayor of Chilton. The remaining members are appointed by the Calumet County Administrator. The Board's authority to oversee the policies and direction of the Library is derived from Chapter 43 of Wisconsin statutes. The Library Board works in conjunction with the Library Director, library staff, and the Chilton Common Council to plan, fund and implement public library service in Chilton.


Mayoral Appointees 


Peggy Loose, City Council Representative, Term expires 04/21/2021

Sue Salzsieder, School District Representative, Term expires 06/30/2022

Mary Hoerth, Board President, Term expires 06/30/2021

Elizabeth Rodriguez,  Term expires 06/30/2022

Andrea Jaeckels, Term expires 06/30/2023

Chris Saukel, Term expires 06/30/2023

Rachel Berres,  Term expires 06/30/2023


County Administrator Appointees

Ray Mueller, Term expires 07/01/2021

Lori Leppin-Cordes, Term expires 07/01/2021

Mike Hofberger, Board Vice-President, Term expires 07/01/2021

Steve Phipps, Board Secretary, Term expires 07/01/2021

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings are on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Chilton Public Library Community Room.

Meetings are conducted according to the Open Public Meetings Law.

If you would like to have something addressed at the next Library Board meeting, please contact Library Director Glenny Whitcomb at (920)849-4414.

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