Who can participate?

Everyone, from kindergarten to fifth grade, is invited and encouraged to READ or BE READ TO this summer. Register for the Summer Learning Program online or at the library. Registration is required to earn prizes.


What is it all about?

Read or listen to anything you like! Then read or listen to 20 a day for the weekly reading goal. It doesn't matter if your child reads alone, is read to or listens to an audiobook; just keep track of their reading progress. Record that reading progress by writing the date that your child completes the daily goal of 20 minutes read or listened to on your reading log. To receive your weekly prizes, bring the log to the front desk at the Chilton Public Library.  Complete 20 minutes a day for the whole summer and you will earn a book of your choosing out of the prize book and earn an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Please Note: The deadline for turning in your log to receive an entry into the grand prize is Saturday, August 24, 2019.  The deadline for turning in your log to receive your prizes (excluding the grand prize) is Friday, August 30, 2019.  



Where can you work on your daily minutes?

Read at home, on vacation, at the library, anywhere! 


When is the Summer Learning Program?

June 17 – August 23, 2019

Stop in and pick up your Summer Learning Program bag with reading log and goodies.

Begin to record your reading on Monday, June 17, and continue to do so until Saturday, August 24.  


Why should you participate?

Young children who are not readers and readers alike will reap the benefits of increasing vocabulary, discovering the significance of the printed words, and obtaining the love of books from listening to parents read stories to them. Research has shown that school children who spend part of their summer reading are more likely to maintain their reading skills when they return to school in the fall by preventing the Summer Slide.

(Each child needs to be individually registered for the Summer Reading Program)

Prize handout starts Monday, June 24.


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