Libraries have come a long way from a place where only educated scholars could read tablets of information. And then taking the time to see how we have changed in our lifetime; it can be quite astounding. We have seen the evolution from paper card catalogs that one had to flip through to try to find that one resource to being able to access the library collection from anywhere in the world with just a tap and swipe on our phones. Large collections of books and magazines now include digital materials, online resources, board games, cake pans, and crafting supplies. With that evolution, we have also seen a change in how the library is used. What was once just a quiet place of study and solitude now includes the hum of groups collaborating, youth participating in activities, and a community coming together.  

However, evolution can come with some challenges. When the Chilton Public Library was built, no one envisioned the current use and needs of the community. It can be hard to find an outlet to power that device to access all the library has to offer. An increase of programming meant that storage was becoming a premium. And that hum of a community coming together can at times sound like a roar when the sound echoes.

For two years, the library staff and the library board have been working on some solutions to these concerns, as well as issues that we may face in the future. While the library is currently in the process of writing a strategic plan to address the needs of the future, there is one area that is being addressed starting this month. The library will be starting a repair project that will consist of the lights and the ceiling being replaced.  We will be installing LED lights and added acoustic tiles throughout the library. The new acoustic tiles should help bring the hum back to where we expect it to be.

Due to this project, access to certain materials may be limited from time to time and scheduled programming may have to be rescheduled or cancelled. For current information regarding access and programming dates, please follow our website or our Facebook page.

If there are specific materials that you are looking for, the best way to get them would be to either put the items on hold through our online catalog ( or contact the library by email ( or phone (920-849-4414).


Library staff can pull the materials and have them set aside for you.

Current Status and Changes

November 20, 2019

Construction at the library is still nearing the end.  While there are a few things left to complete and move back to their original locations, the library is now fully open. The library board and staff would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience during this time, and we look forward to being up and running at 100%.

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